Happy Friday pretty peeps. Sorry I missed last week’s Friday Favorites, I was having my garage sale but I am back and the sun has been shining more this week and, in my heart, too. I am so excited: The Royal Wedding is in less than 24 hours. I'm getting up early and having a spot of tea in my silky robe and watching the nuptials. Hope the sun shines on the lovely couple. Although I have heard rain is good luck on a wedding day and it rained on mine and Mr. Nine’s wedding day and look at us! 
Now let’s get to some sweet Friday favorites!!

1. Blogger Spotlight:
Lea from CiCi's Corner
This summer in my Friday Favorites each week, I am going to showcase a Blogger friend of mine. I have often talked about the friends I have made from blogging and well, I just want to share them with those of you who may not have had the privilege of reading their amazing blogs. First up is the ever so classy and stylish Lea from CiCi's Corner. I met Lea via my gal pal Laura. This delightful southern belle is, as we speak, off seeing the sights of New York City. I bet she will have some sweet deets on this trip on her blog soon.
Just look at her leopard! 

I was so tickled last week to receive a package from Miss Lea in the mail...she thought of me when she saw this precious pineapple towel and sent some of her favorite lemon scented hand lotion, which I needed. How thoughtful. Just love this gal, she has been married to her sweetie for over 40+ years and has been the sweet caretaker of many loved ones. He kids and grands are the light of her life. And she shines so bright!

2. The Garage Sale
So, as I mentioned, the big garage sale was last week and we had tons of people, almost sold it all. I had 2 moving sales last year at the old house but realized so many things I didn’t need when we moved. Nice Garage Sales do really well in our area so I have one almost every year. Lots of friends and family came out. However, when I planned this I didn’t know that President Trump and VP Pence we’re speaking in my town so I missed it. Never had both in our town at once so everyone was abuzz about it and I could hear security hovering in the air. If you’re looking for any garage sale tips (I’ve had over 20 sales in my life) read this POST 

3. Week's Attire
Old Navy Tops HERE // Loft crop Jeans HERE

Sandals HERE // Kohl's Capri Jeans HERE // Similar Knox Rose Top HERE

Sandals HERE // Similar Gingham Top HERE // Accessory Concierge Necklace HERE

This Darling ON sweatshirt is Back in Stock HERE // Slip on Sneakers HERE & HERE
Jean Jacket HERE

4. Pineapple Top

Love this Pineapple Top so much it’s going to get 2 photos’. I told you about this pineapple top Here that my dear friend Caroline (see her styling it HERE) had told me about. I LOVE it, the flow is great and the pineapples are not in your face too bold.

More Inspo 

Remember This Post? Still one of my favorite and softest sweatshirts!
Wore it in Toronto Too...spy the gold pineapples?

Pineapple Pants inspo too

I was even loving Pineapple Pants Back in the day! 

Now, this is a little much! 

5. Misc. Fun
Herb Garden Gift 
My dear friend and former coworker, had this awesome burlap Herb bag planted for me as a housewarming gift. I just love fresh herbs and can’t wait to snip them fresh this summer.

BUY This Bag and other CUTE ones like it HERE

Shoe Story
Well there is a not so favorite story to go along with these shoes. As I was going through sandals I realized that more than a dozen pairs of sandals and flip flops are missing. They were all the ones I’d had in a shoe cubby and they were all my favorite ones as so comfy. Only one I’m able to replace and it’s driving me nuts. I think they may have accidentally went to Goodwill so I guess that means new sandals are in order but I still miss all my favs and thank goodness my Tory Burch ones were not in there. These are all from Old Navy and I got them when on sale for 9.97 each. Super excited about the coral ones as I got a LOFT TOP that matches perfectly.

BUY THESE CUTE SANDALS HERE, HEREand HERE ....all so Comfy! 30% off today with code: LUCKY!!

I'm headed to the Dermatologist now for a Skin Cancer Check...with skin cancer affecting several members off my fam, including PSA to get your yearly skin checks!


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