K, so you are my peeps and I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I'm just gonna tell you straight out, once you hit your 40s, it is so much harder to stay trim. It seems like you have to exercise so much more, I'm talking almost double to get the same results and so that can be a little frustrating. And you definitely can't eat like you used to, which is actually a good thing I know to be eating so much healthier but boy do I miss being able to eat four cookies instead of just one and that one only on occasion instead of every day, ha ha.

I'm joining my fellow sisters from The Blended Blog and our Nuggets for the New Year Blog Hop/Link-Up series and today we're concentrating on working out.

So there are three things in working out that are my best friends. My Fitbit of course, my portable stepper and planks. And I can tell you when you are in a competition for a work week hustle or even who can step the most in the day, your motivation skyrockets compared to just looking at the Fitbit for yourself. Hello my fellow competitive peep Amanda! However, I am obsessed no matter what with getting my 10,000 steps a day and I try to average 13,000 to 15,000. I make sure I do it at least six out of the seven days but usually get my break on one of the weekend days. I always say if I was laid up and couldn't exercise, I'd go nuts.

Walking by water motivates me even more!

I said this once before on one of my Friday Favorites, but my stepper from Amazon is the best exercise equipment purchase I've ever made in my entire life! I even step on it sometimes in my slippers.

People, hear me when I tell you BEST under $50 purchase ever from Amazon!! When it is too cold to run or walk outside, this stepper saves my workout sanity!! I can literally tote it to any room in the house, walk on it for an hour and catch up on all my DVR-ed TV shows., even blog. I have already worn out one so hubs bought me another. LOVE it and no $1000-$2000 for an elliptical or treadmill and it takes up no room, slide it under the bed or in a closet and good to go!! 

Get over Amazon right now and get one HERE

Fitbit and walking. I have always been a walking fanatic. Sometimes I do a run/walk but the older I've gotten that walking is just so much easier. I make it a point to get several good walks in during the day. And if the weather's nice, of course I get those walks and outside. We hike when we can too.
Oh and if we'd have had any of the fluffy white stuff his year, I'd have been snowshoeing to get steps....I even snowshoe in the back yard.

Planks. I pride myself in being able to do quite the long plank. I try to do a few throughout the day and I feel like it keeps my whole body more in balance if that makes sense.

Now here are the things that I'm not doing that I should be if I want to get a total weight workout. Weights. I have just never been good with weights. I always end up pulling a muscle somewhere even when I go down to the lower weights. And toning, boy when you get older, do you definitely need this! The planks help and of course the stepper but I know I could be doing more to tone. And I probably should be adding more stretches in too.

For the most part, I try to stay active and feel pretty good about my cardio and workout schedule. However, it's sad to think that the older I get, the more I may even have to do. And in reality I really want to work out like this:

What is your favorite way to work out? You certainly don't need a fancy gym or expensive equipment, just move that body girl! And no matter what, when motivation gets you down; You got this gorgeous!!
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Yeehaw, just cause I like saying that and It's FRIDAY!!! And I'm over the "SUN" excited because we are finally going to see it this weekend and it's going to be 60!! Sun on my face and a book on my deck...YES Please!!! And don't forget a beverage. Sunning and Reading makes mama thirsty!! May your weekend be fantastic and full of fun!!

1. GIFT From This Blogging BABE
I was so happy to win roll call from a Post by the Babe-a-licious Laura from the Horton Family Blog.We are bloggy besties so this girl knows me. I have wanted a Blogging Mug forever and whoop whoop there it was on my doorstep! This gal is the bomb, she's got it all going on and I guarantee, everyone who knows her, adores her!!

We often wear similar outfits and don't even know it. We can both create a look from Pinterest in no time all while whipping up tasty creations and cheering on our families and favorite Football teams (Bama and the Irish respectively!) Love the gal!!!

And More Sweet Valentines Gifts
From my sweet mom, BFF and hubs and even got a Valentine in the mail from the marvelous and treasured friend of mine;
Miss Amanda from Cardio, Cab and a Keyboard.
This gal is hilarious & so real, get over to her blog now and you'll be in for a treat!! 

2. Carrot Place Settings
I know we just had Valentine's and I promise I have not yet done up the house with carrots, bunny ears and eggs, but I had to scoop up these springy carrot napkin holders before they were gone at Pier One! LOVE them! And my chargers from Christmas are doing double duty!! Yay!
Carrot Napkin Holders HERE

3. Work Attire
Boho Boutique top, The Loft Necklace, Anne Klein flats

Old Navy dress, Forever 21 (before the ban) wrap cardi, Francesca's necklace

Free People top, Grace and Lace Cami, The Loft necklace

Nordstrom dress, Aldo boots, TJ. Maxx vest

4. Off One Shoulder Graphic Tops
Just got this the week before Super Bowl. So in love with this Tee from Etsy. I wear it with my Free People Bralette.

This is another fav of mine
 Do You remember this recreate I did HERE

More Inspo
This makes me miss Whitney Huston

And in honor of My beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish and St. Patty's day coming up.....

5. Such Truth
Amen!! While I got lucky and have my dream guy, the truth is for sure in the eating part, lol.

My wish for you all is to have a  treat you love this weekend and NOT gain a pound!! 

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This is a look I definitely knew I could re-create as I had every single item already in my closet. The perfect item to top it all off was this gorgeous Liz Claiborne scarf the boys got me for Christmas. I just love how easy it all came together. 

I usually wear this dress in the summer as you can see here.

However, how perfect to be able to wear it in cooler months by throwing on tights, booties and a leather jacket. It was just what I was looking for in a chic outfit and I also prefer the lighter camel shades to this compared to the model's browns. 

 I never used to like black with brown, especially black tights with brown boots but the combo has me sold now.

 This jacket just has not gotten enough love. I got it like 15 years ago but never wore it a whole lot. Now that I see it with this outfit, I really like it. Still in major love with these wedge booties from Lucky Brand.

So how did I do on this one? It's one of my favorites.
Can't wait for you to Link-Up with The Blended Blog ladies and myself for this week's Fashion Link-Up.